Disinfectant Services

Legally Clean aims to disinfect your environment so that you don’t have to. We provide a heavy detailed cleaning so that we can help your surroundings reach Legally Clean standards.

Our disinfectant service is ideal because it gives a complete treatment. Only electrostatic sprayers allow disinfectant to completely cover complex shapes and penetrate into cracks and corners. Facility owners, home owners, managers, coaches and daycare centers can be confident that they’re receiving great service that provides a clean, safe environment for their employees, athletes and children.

Let’s get started! We will always provide an onsite free estimate. This will allow us to understand your needs at no additional cost to you. Call us at (954) 465-8868, or you can fill out our form to give us intricate detail.

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We get to the hard-to-reach places such as baseboards and ceiling corners. We pay attention to details such as door handles, and ceiling fans. We remove dust and debris from all surfaces using proven products. There are no tough stains we can’t remove. Legally clean uses equipment an products that are adjusted for antimicrobial cleaning.

Our CDC approved products are designed to kill organisms on contact while keeping your employees safe as all cleaning products are green. We utilize an Electrostatic Cleaning System that kills Covid 19, Coronovirus, Salmanella, Ecoli and other bacteria and viruses. The Electrostatic Cleaning System wraps around the surface and kills all viruses upon contact.

Disinfectant Cleaning Service

  • Legally Clean cleaning service uses Electrostatic Cleaning Systems to destroy and terminate viruses such as Covid-19
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