The Best Post-Construction Services You’ll Find in the State of Florida

A team cleaning a factory floor

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Legally Clean offers post-construction services in Florida. Down to the last speck of dust, their team will have your space spick, span, and pristine from before you did your project.

Post-construction cleaning is the final step of a construction or remodeling project. It is the step taken directly after the project is “done.” When everything is in line with the blueprints or schematics, the contractors do some general cleaning, remove the apparent mess, and are done with their job.

But the construction is still ongoing.

What is demanded next is a thorough cleaning. Post-construction, the project is still fresh off the process: litter will be abundant, and there will be a surplus of disorder and a heap of clutter, leftover and broken materials, abandoned tools, and the like.

With all that chaos, there is a need for immediate and extensive cleaning so that:

  • The project is made presentable.
  • The project is adequately checked.
  • The client can use the project.

Post-construction cleaning is usually quite laborious, involving in-depth scouring of dirt and grime, basically making it so that no construction ever took place, and a team of well-trained professionals with their specialized cleaning tools. Walls are washed, floors are swept, windows are cleaned, and every other part of the newly renovated or constructed space looks pristine. 

For specific spaces, there might even be the need for rigorous disinfection and several cycles of cleaning before the client can functionally open them. 

Here are some requirements that clients might have for post-construction cleaning:

  • The cleaning of walls and windows, especially in areas with a large number of them, can be pretty daunting to do by yourself. Hiring a cleaning company can help cut down on time and effort.
  • Newly installed furniture and doors still have tags and will inevitably be blanketed in a layer of dust; for proper cleaning and removal, a cleaning company is needed for perfect results.
  • Electrical installations, like fridges, microwaves, etc., require extensive drying and dusting before actual use to remove all elements of dirt or grime.
  • Post-construction floors will have scuffs and dirt marks all over, but a thorough wash and polish can bring them back to the condition it was when the client bought the tiles.
  • The final touches of post-construction cleaning typically involve a sweeping vacuum clean and deliberately polishing all surfaces for a glossy finish.
  • The initial phases of post-construction cleanups include removing debris and materials left over from the project.
  • Full inspection of stray or loose wires, faulty hinges, etc., is within the purview of post-construction cleanups. When safety issues are detected, they are usually taken up with the contractor to provide follow-up fixes.
  • Some painting treatments might result in popcorn ceilings, bumpy surfaces that result from solidified paint particulates, and need proper smoothing and polishing with sandpaper.

The Steps that Go Through Post-Construction Cleanup

Post-Construction cleanups usually consist of three phases, which are necessary to provide the best results so that the space is immaculate and free of issues.

Phase 1: Rough Clean

After the contractor’s job is done, typically, when plumbing, wiring, and framing are over, rough cleaning can begin. This phase usually means the removal of large objects, such as ladders, discarded materials, toolboxes, and things too big for a vacuum. More precise and controlled cleaning comes next, and after that, wiping down the doors and windows.

Phase 2: Light Clean

The second, or middle, phase requires the most work and takes the most time. In this phase, more specialized cleaning tools and equipment are brought over. Function rooms that serve a specific utility, like bathrooms, kitchens, or garages, are the main focus of this phase, especially the ones with recent installments. This phase is in most demand of specific skill sets, which is why professional cleaning teams are needed since there are objects that require proper training to clean.

Phase 3: Final Clean

The final phase is sometimes called the “touch-up” phase since this is where the final touches of the cleaning happen, and the space is readied for actual use. This phase occurs some days after the second phase, so the dust is given time to settle before being finally taken out. The things that need the most concentration during this phase are the “minor” details, i.e., the team’s messes during the earlier cleaning phases.  

After this phase, the project can officially be considered done and is now simply awaiting final preparations so that the client can open it for use.

The Importance of Post-Construction Cleaning

Post-construction cleaning is a crucial aspect of a project because it is where the final standards of the client are met. One thing, for example, is to remodel a home and then leave it in the same state when everything is done: with the dust, dirt, and everything piling up. 

Through post-construction cleanup, the building or space is polished and left spotless, safety issues are looked out for, and everything is readied for the client’s final input.

If you’re looking for quality post-construction services in Florida, there’s a company waiting for your call.