The three stages of post-construction cleaning

There are various phases to the post-construction cleaning process. The first phase involves a thorough dusting, sweeping, and vacuuming of the property. Next, the crew will remove any stickers or remnants of paint or plaster from the walls, floors, and windows. This final phase is also the most time-consuming and intensive. It is important to note that the final clean requires more time than the previous two phases. Ultimately, the building should look sparkling and meet the high standards of the client. The second phase involves a complete interior and exterior cleaning, including the removal of debris and trash, as well as general sweeping and vacuuming.

Then, the entire area is cleaned thoroughly, and the contractors will remove any stickers or stains. The second phase is the rough clean, and it involves the removal of paint, flooring, and cabinetry, as well as paint. The third phase includes the touch-up clean, which is a thorough job.

The final phase is the touch-up clean, which will ensure that the area is clean enough for buyers and sellers to inspect it before turning over the keys. During this stage, professional services are necessary. Hiring a team of workers would be expensive, and the crew may not be familiar with proper waste disposal protocol. In addition, hiring their own workers will create more mess than a professional service can handle. In addition, it will increase their carbon footprint.

Phase 1

The rough clean occurs during the construction period. The cleaning crew will begin after the framing, plumbing, and electrical work has been completed. Once the construction crew is done with the first phase, the cleaners can access the site to clean it. This is a critical time to clean the site before the next stage. If you are concerned about the cleanliness of the premises during this time, you can hire a professional company to help you complete the job.

Phase 2

The last phase of post-construction cleaning is the touch-up clean. This is the most extensive phase of the process and is the easiest to complete. After the second phase, the dust and debris that remained will have settled. This is the most time-consuming phase, but it is necessary to ensure the new space is ready for sale. The professional cleaner will work to remove all traces of dust and dirt. This will allow the building to be move-in-ready and leave it in tip-top shape.

Phase 3

The final phase of the post construction cleaning process is the touch-up clean. During this phase, the construction team and contractors have finished their final walk-through. The touch-up clean involves a final dust-free walk-through and the cleaning team will have to wipe down windows, doors, and mirrors. The dust is gone from the walls, but a professional cleaner will have a checklist and be able to spot hidden areas of the house that need extra attention. After the construction is finished, the final cleaning is the most time-consuming.

This is when the building is ready for occupation and all of the construction debris has been removed. This is where the final touch-up cleaning is most important. The cleaning team will use microfibre rags and better tools to clean every aspect of the building. Finally, the building must be free of residues and be safe for occupants. Before beginning the deep clean, the surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned.

During the deep cleaning phase, there may be construction-related defects that need remediation. During the deep cleaning phase, the cleaning process is more detailed and requires specialized tools. For example, if there is a lot of dust on a ceiling, the contractor will need to clean the ceiling. Moreover, the cleaner will need to thoroughly remove any remaining pieces of construction debris, such as nails and screws.

Post Construction Cleaning from an Expert

The final interior cleaning phase follows the rough cleaning phase. This is the most extensive phase and usually involves heavy debris removal, sweeping, and dusting. In addition to the basic surfaces, the crew will also clean the interior windows and trim. If necessary, the construction crew will remove any construction-related stickers. In some cases, the workers will even perform painting and drywall removal. There are many different stages and phases of Post Construction Cleaning, and each stage has its own unique benefits.

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