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POST CONSTRUCTION/FINAL CLEANING- Are your owners stressing you out because the construction project is behind schedule and you have no cleaners? Did your laborers attempt to clean, but failed to meet your client’s standards? Is construction dust overwhelming you? Had your house remodeled, and you can’t remove the dust that never seems to end?

If you answer YES, to any of these questions, then call Legally Clean today to resolve your final cleaning problems and become worry free!

Construction Contractors LOVE- Legally Clean because of our ability to quickly minimize and eliminate construction punch list which leads to happy owners. Legally Clean specializes in multi-family units. Our Legally Clean team members are cleaning machines, we can final clean most retail and residential spaces in 1-2 days. Stop trying to remove all the dust that is overwhelming you and let Legally Clean save the day!(Click here to schedule appointment)

Let’s get started! We will always provide an onsite free estimate. This will allow us to understand your needs at no additional cost to you. Call us at (954) 465-8868, or you can fill out our form to give us intricate detail.

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We get to the hard-to-reach places such as baseboards and ceiling corners. We pay attention to details such as door handles, and ceiling fans. We remove dust and debris from all surfaces using proven products. There are no tough stains we can’t remove. Legally Clean uses equipment an products that are adjusted for antimicrobial cleaning.

Construction Contractors and Home Remodelers love LC because of their valued offered services, reliable staff, minimal punch list and competitive prices. Airports, Municipalities, Car Rental Agencies, retailers and remodeling homeowners use Legally Clean for their ability to make their owners happy with quick turnkey services.


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Our services

  • We remove accumulated dust, paint, and grout from ceilings, floors and walls
  • We remove all construction debris 
  • Remove all dust from kitchen and bathroom cabinets and counters
  • Clean and wipe all bathroom tiles of dust and dirt
  • Clean blue paper and dirt from windows
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