Cleaning Tools and Equipment Used by Professional Cleaners

A nice-looking kitchen that’s now sanitized because of cleaning tools.

Photo by Sherry Rudolph

Cleaning tools have been the professional cleaner’s friends since they took the job. Knowing what they use to keep your homes and establishments clean is valuable information so that you’ll learn about the process better. 

Cleaning tools are crucial in completing the designated task, especially among professional cleaners. It’s impossible to clean all the dirt and dust without using a vacuum and some washcloth. Not even your bare hands can finish in hours what proper cleaning tools and equipment can accomplish in a short time.

Some people don’t concern themselves with the cleaning tools that professionals use. It may even vary depending on the type of place they’re going to clean. Another basis would be the degree of the mess they need to clean off, particularly post-renovation clutter in residential spaces or industrial clean-ups in commercial areas and warehouses.

Standard cleaning tools that professional cleaners use

When we say cleaning tools, it’s not just the handheld devices that professional cleaners use to do their jobs efficiently. Simple ones like mops and washcloths, electrical equipment like power washers, and other specialized equipment all contribute to keeping the premises clean. Here are some standard cleaning tools that professional cleaners use:

Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs)

You might not know this, but Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) has been around for a long time, even before the pandemic. It only got a buzz when healthcare workers and certain people were required to wear them to protect themselves from contagious diseases and keep themselves safe. Well, the entire purpose of PPEs is precisely that.

Professional cleaning, it’s more than just spraying and wiping off dirt. A lot goes into this line of work, and professionals must harness safety at all costs. They must take precautions since they’re constantly exposed to many health hazards like chemicals, bacteria, mold, etc. PPEs shield them from harmful external elements.

Cleansers and Detergents

Professionals can’t do anything without these cleaning agents to remove the dirt and grime stuck around surfaces and tight corners. For example, detergents are surfactants that decrease the surface tension of water, effectively removing dirt, dust, and stains. There are also various cleansers, with each product having its purpose.

Varied Cleaning Brushes

Professional cleaners use different brushes appropriate for other surfaces. Here are the following examples:

  • Resin Set Bristle Brushes – A brush commonly used to clean food off surfaces like walls and floors. Its bristle materials range from coarse to soft, making it safe against different characters.
  • Stainless Steel Brush – This is used more on metal surfaces like ovens, grills, etc. it has tough bristles unaffected by high temperatures.
  • Scrubbing Brush – This specialized cleaning brush mainly deals with machinery. With the help of a scrubbing brush, these machines don’t have to be dismantled to be cleaned.

Floor Scrubber

It is a device used for floor cleaning and has different forms: a walk-behind and ride-on type that scrubs off the floor. A cleaning solution is mixed with water inside its tank, cleansing and removing residue off the surface. The floor scrubber is one of the power cleaning tools that professionals use, especially on large floor areas, making them faster and easier to clean.

Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

Among all the industrial cleaning tools, this type of vacuum cleaner is a professional staple that must be available to use at all times. An industrial vacuum cleaner cleans industrial environments like factories, warehouses, etc. There are different types of industrial vacuum cleaners as well, and they’re typically used for particular applications. For quicker work in large areas that average cleaning tools can’t do, an industrial vacuum cleaner is a pro’s best friend, easing and speeding up the cleaning process.

Pressure Washer Machine

Factories are messy, challenging, and hazardous to clean. That’s why specialized cleaning tools like the pressure washer machine are valuable equipment that washes away the dirt, grime, grease, and other contaminants from various surfaces. They significantly contribute to maintaining cleanliness within industrial environments. The pressure washer machine can eliminate the toughest dirt and grime, bringing back the original shine and good condition of the floor areas and machine surfaces.

Quality cleaning tools and equipment used by Legally Clean

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